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ESI will deliver all relevant news and content influencing eSports in South Africa – be it from direct local sources, or international agendas that indirectly affect our eSports scene. We want our community to stay up to date, be involved, and be inspired by our ever-evolving eSports industry.

Our platform will host the best news and content that South Africa’s most influential eSports and gaming entities, organizers, bloggers and fans have to offer.

MGO’s, tournaments and their organizers, expos, innovative technologies, and different gaming titles are all in our focus with regards to shaping our country’s eSports future. ESI will ensure that all South Africans have the ability to easily remain properly informed and involved with the revolution that is eSports in South Africa from the trustworthy source that is ESI.


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ESI recognizes prestigious South African eSports tournaments in both major and minor formats, as well as other gaming events and expos throughout South Africa.

Conflicting dates between local tournaments as well as between local and international tournaments have been a big issue over the years, but ESI strives to prevent these types of clashes going forward. Any clashes that occur will be made public and ESI will encourage rescheduling and assist where possible to contribute to an overall healthier and active eSports environment in South Africa.

Our Event listing serves as a reference for all entities and MGO’s to schedule their year accordingly and thus be able to compete in all of the best tournaments and attend all the gaming events South Africa has to offer.

We want to be able to support players in their eSports endeavours, and encouraging less scheduling clashes allows for more earnings, more competitive play time, and overall, more for the teams to look forward to throughout the year.

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